Mimi Kitapi of Kitapi Arts

Illustration by a childhood nostalgic

Bright and colourful drawings by a child-at-heart

Mimi (or Mia) Kitapi is a self-taught digital illustrator and a media production graduate. Inspired and motivated by childhood memories and events, she aims to help create and re-ignite similarly happy and memorable experiences through art and – soon – motion. Particularly influenced by children’s television from her home country, Mimi one day hopes to provide back to what had helped her grow as a creative person.

For a decade, Mimi Kitapi has been brightening blank canvasses with a rainbow of colours, depicting original and existing characters in interesting ways. By the very nature of being self-taught, the journey towards superb artistry never stops: for as long as Mimi stays drawing, she will be producing high-quality colourful artwork for a multitude of purposes. Her artistic style is best suited for children or anybody with an inner child that, like with herself, is always bursting to make themselves known.

Past and current projects include:

  • Developing a cast of original characters once used to support a science-fiction/fantasy world
  • A series of illustrations based on data obtained from a University award for distinguished teaching staff
  • A long-running webcomic series featuring a novel ‘humanised’ depiction of the Teletubbies